Qi Classes

Feel lighter, looser and calmer

As you connect the vibration of Qi


Through chanting, movement and meditation, these classes help you to connect to the vibration of Qi.

This frequency helps you revitalize and shift into a calmer state.

Benefits: Clear energy blockages, restore your energy and reduce stress. As well, these classes can help to boost your immune system, detoxify, and alleviate pain. 


What people say about the classes

Sun Kyeong has been a life raft in a vast stormy ocean, for that I’m deeply grateful and I truly believe that this practice has the capacity to reach and heal many people all across the world.




The classes make me feel so light and positive. Sun Kyeong brings spirituality in my day to day life and gives me a supportive network of lovely people.




Prefer to join our classes online?

We stream all our classes live so you can join any class wherever you are in the world from the comfort of your home. Qi moves beyond time and space making online classes the perfect way to receive energy and recharge body and mind, especially if you don’t live near a Sun Kyeong centre.