Why purify the energy in your home or business with us?

Simply put, we can accurately assess the energy of your space, clear it fully AND fill it with pure, positive energy.
When you consider how many people may have lived in your space before you, it's good to note that their energy can linger long after they’ve moved out. That means, if someone in the past was often depressed, angry, sick or stressed if there was conflict, chaos or a tragedy in that space somewhere down the line, then those energetic imprints can remain indefinitely.
As well, if someone lived there a long time and later passed either on or off-site, that spirit can sometimes be attached to 'their home' and not appreciate your presence thereby creating an uneasy vibe in your space. Most often, young children and animals are sensitive to the energy of your home.
Even the energy of the land’s history can have an influence. If there was a war on the land you live on, or an unmarked cemetery, that will definitely affect the energy. A beautiful cottage or new- build, or any place that is often left empty for a period of time, can become a bit of a haven for wandering spirits and no amount of fresh air or paint, sage, bell chiming can clear those imprints or entities long term.
As in the images on this page, many luxury homes can appear lavish and elegant to the eye, yet feel heavy energetically and emit a stale, or sometimes creepy vibe. 
When you hire us to offer a House or Business Blessing Ceremony,  we can remove invisible, negative energy of all kinds and fill your whole place with a bright, positive, and protective energy. Once we purify and restore the energy with the frequency of Qi, it can help foster a more creative, prosperous and harmonious environment.