Heal Your Ancestors, Clear Your Karma 


Like any tree, your family tree is only as healthy as its roots. 

If some of the roots of a tree are unhealthy, it has to affect the tree in some way.

Similarly, if some ancestors died from war, suffered trauma, or disease, their energy may not be in the brightest vibrational state. This heavy energy inherently has to affect the wellbeing of your family tree since you have acquired everything, genetically and energetically, from the roots.

The good news is, this energy that has been passed down, can be changed.

Ancestor Healing is a process that occurs over twenty-one days in which a Qi Energy Master transmits a powerful, pure frequency of love, light and energy to selected generational lines so that they get brighter and lighter. This helps to move them out of the spirit world into Divine realm.

As their energy improves, you're simultaneously healing yourself and your family because the energy of a tree cannot be separate from the energy of its roots.

You've likely heard someone say ..."addiction runs in my family, ...or anxiety runs in my family...or he's got his father's temper " and so on...but Ancestor Healing can help break those inherited patterns from being passed down. It can help clear generational trauma and remove invisible energetic obstacles so that it feels like you have the wind at your back vs the other way around.

Since science has proven that 'like attracts like', when your energy is improves, so does all that you attract. 

Therefore, when you do ancestor healing, you are raising the vibration of your family tree and essentially clearing karma for your whole family. Being able to help those who have passed, living family members and being able to literally karma for your kids and future generations, is truly a blessing.

We have seen nagging symptoms dissipate or disappear, relationships of all kinds improve, kids mental and physical health improve, new opportunities open up, some manifest greater income and the list just goes on.  How is this possible?

Just as with any tree, when the roots get healthier, the tree can flourish and flower in ways you can't imagine. This is what we wish for you.



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How Ancestor Healing works


Within our energy systems, ancestor’s life experiences, memories, pain, health, emotional patterns, issues, and even addictions can be imprinted and carried forward to future generations. 

Ancestor Healing is a profound 21 day course that helps clear those inherited energy patterns that adversely affect our well-being and relationships.

The program takes place over a series of four weekly ceremonies. We offer fruit, flowers, foos and wine. We chant for about fifteen minutes, meditate and hear an inspirational talk. During this time, you and your ancestors receive a powerful flood of pure light, love and energy and this is how you brighten and heal your family tree. 

As increasing numbers of people strive for a healthier and happier life through dietary changes, self-development, and spiritual work, people still find they have ailments and patterns they just cannot shift. Ancestor Healing can often be the change to heal karma and family patterns once and for all.

The Course

This deep spiritual practice comprises a 21-day foundation course consisting of four sessions, known as ceremonies, over a three-week period and daily chanting.

Each ceremony lasts 90 minutes and takes place in the Saemtu, a room filled with Qi. Each ceremony has an arrangement of food, fruit, flowers, and rice, and participants offer wine at the start of the ceremony. This is to show respect and gratitude to the Source, nature, and ancestors, and is prepared with dedication and love.

The energy pattern of ancestors changes daily through chanting and receiving the vibration of Qi, through the descendant’s body and mind. It’s an uplifting process and brings profound spiritual and energetic changes that can break patterns forever.


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