Welcome to Sunkyeong Toronto.

We are the only Qi Energy Wellness Centre in all of Canada who is trained by Master world- renowned, advanced, Qi Energy Master, Master Oh.


Join his 2-day RETREAT at the DELTA TORONTO: June 15th & 16th!

 *cultivate inner peace ☮️
* recharge your internal battery, battery 🪫 ➡️ 🔋
* help  ease anxiety, depression and giref
* improve your family’s karma  🪄 ✨
*release generational trauma 👩‍👧
* manage your mind 🤔
* feel calmer & lighter 💡

....and so much more..

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In a time of great change, we can help you to connect to the power of Qi so you can feel calmer, revitalized, brighter and more connected to your True Nature.

Qi (pronounced as Ki), is a unique, frequency of pure light, love and energy that can also help recharge, and release blockages in your body and in your life. 

Experience this healing vibration through Qi Sessions and Qi Classes. Clear negative energy that may be affecting you and your family through our Ancestor Healing Program.

Revitalise and Heal

Receive the most powerful vibration to support physical and emotional health and recharge your energy with Qi Sessions.

Recharge and Connect

Improve your spiritual connection and enhance your physical and emotional wellbeing with Qi Classes

Clear and Transform

Clear inherited energy patterns and create a new future for you and your family with Ancestor Healing.

A Way To Lasting Change…

Qi sessions help to recharge your energy and calm your nervous system
 Qi Classes help to foster inner peace and a spiritual connection


Ancestor Healing clears inherited heavy energetic obstacles in your family tree

Clearing energy in home or office creates more harmony 


Qi Sessions are my ‘go to fix’ and I always end up feeling much lighter and upbeat! My physical discomfort reduces drastically and I feel totally renewed!




Sun Kyeong has had such a positive impact on my life. My mind now feels quite clear, peaceful and calm.





Having been on my feet for thirty seven years I had a huge fear of joint problems. I found these Qi Classes just in time.





I am so grateful to have had the chance to do Ancestor Healing. I’m healthier and happier and much closer to all of my family.